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Why use is the easiest way to gather feedback from your contacts! Simply login using your LinkedIn account by clicking the LinkedIn button on the home page and then choose "Allow Access". Next, create your survey with as many or as few questions as you need. Remember, the shorter your survey, the more likely your contacts will complete it. A simple question or two that allows your users to rate a product or service will achieve the highest response rates. All answers are scored by the survey taker on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest rating). You can create as many surveys as you like. Once your survey is complete, simply select the contacts you would like to send the survey to and they will receive a LinkedIn email asking them to complete your survey and provide them with a link to follow. Once the survey is taken, you can login and view the compiled results - to make interpreting the results simple. is the easiest, most-effective way to gather opinions from your valued network of contacts and view compiled results in a snap!


How do I create a survey?

Once you login, simply select the CREATE SURVEY link and follow the instructions. You will add a title, description and then begin to add questions. Simply check the box for question 1, enter your question, enter your possible answers in the boxes below the question by checking each box and entering the appropriate text. If you would like to add another question, simply click the ADD NEW QUESTION button and repeat the process. For example,
Check the box for question 1 and enter a question: Which business book would be best for me to distribute to my marketing team at an upcoming team meeting? Rate each book from 1-5 (with 5 being the highest/ best)
Check the box for your first possible response and type in the text (title of the first book) such as "Thinking Inside the Box"
Repeat this process for each possible book If you would like to add another question, click the ADD NEW QUESTION button and repeat this process. Save your survey.


How do I edit a survey?

Simply click the edit icon when your are in the VIEW SURVEY screen


How do I delete a survey?

Just click the delete button next to the survey you want to remove when you are in the VIEW SURVEY SCREEN


How do I send a survey to my contacts?

Once you have created your survey, you will click on the POST SURVEY button. You will be shown a list of all your LinkedIn contacts. You can "select all" to send the survey to all contacts or you can scroll through and check only specific contacts.


How do I view survey results?

Once you have sent out your survey and your contacts have taken the survey (this may take several days, depending on how often your contacts check their LinkedIn email and when they have time to complete your survey), login to and click on VIEW SURVEYS, then click on the survey for which you would like to view the results. You will see a bar chart with compiled results, the number of contacts that have taken the survey and any additional comments left by your contacts.


What if I need additional help?

If you need additional, help please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our CONTACT US page for information on reaching departments. Is LinkedOpinions affiliated with LinkedIn? is not affiliated with LinkedIn. We are simply fans of the LinkedIn site and wanted a more effective way to survey our contacts. All LinkedIn references are registered trademarks of LinkedIn and is not endorsed or affiliated with

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