About Us

LinkedOpinions.com was created by Snippet Ventures LLC as a simple way to tap in to the expert advice from your social connections.  We spend months or years cultivating a list of connections in our career field, our industry and linking up with others that we respect.  Sometimes, we want to use those connections to help us weigh certain options (what company to choose, what software to buy, etc.) and the feedback methods on the social sites did not seem adequate.

It all started when the founder wanted to ask his connections about 3 different companies he was considering for some work.  He shared the question on his LinkedIn feed – and with nearly 1000 connections, he received all kinds of comments as replies - but it was impossible to draw a conclusion.  He had to create a spreadsheet and put the comments in and figure out if they were positive, negative, neutral and so forth.  What a mess!  From that problem, LinkedOpinions was born.  He needed a simple way to create a basic survey, post it for his connections and have it automatically compiled to view the results.  If he had this need – others would probably use it too.

This approach lets you use the expertise of your connections to help validate a decision.  Why not ask people that may have already faced the decision you are facing and may have valuable experience?  So we made this site and watched it grow!

Our site lets you quickly turn any question into a survey of simple rating-based questions and then the link for the survey goes to your connections.  They take the survey and you simply check the compiled results. 

Now it’s easier than ever to use your connections for their experience and expertise.  Want to know about a certain marketing method, one company you are considering versus another, a trade show you are considering attending or exhibiting at, or anything else? Now you can!

1.Login with your social credentials

2. Create a survey (takes less than 5 minutes)

3. Send the survey link to your connections (we do this for you and you can exclude certain contacts if you choose)

4. Log in and check your survey results which have automatically been compiled for you.

It’s free, it’s easy and there is no better way to get information from your connections.

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