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The easiest way to get your social connections opinions on any topic. 


All Of Your Questions Answered In One Place

Right now, if you want to survey your connections on LinkedIn about 4 different business books you are considering using for your team – you can post a message on your feed – but you will get all kinds of comments and it’s nearly impossible to sort them out.


Turn Your Question Into A Social Survey

LinkedOpinions lets you quickly turn your question into a social survey of your LinkedIn connections. Create your survey with simple rating-based questions and then choose the connections you want your survey sent to.  They take the survey and you simply check the compiled results. 

Now it’s easier than ever to leverage your LinkedIn connections for their experience and expertise. 

Want to know about a certain marketing method, one company you are considering versus another, or anything else – now you can.

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...and there is no better way to survey your connections

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